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Founded in 2008 by Motocross champion and lifelong racer Malte Asmus, maltec Ltd. is an off-road vehicle design and production company. Originating in Germany, Maltec has now expanded to America and Asia manufacturing the maltexplorer, a line of luxury expedition vehicle conversions based on Toyota, Mercedes and Land Rover off-road platforms.

Toyota, Mercedes and Land Rover off-road platforms.

Asmus believes, “how you get to your destination is as important as getting there.”  Because of that, the mission at maltec is twofold: design comfortable, stylish vehicles and make them capable of going anywhere. 

How you get to your destination is as important as getting there

Comfortable and Stylish

At maltec we don’t believe in form following function. We want our drivers to feel they have arrived at a destination in their own unique way, so we create each one of our vehicles with the drivers’ experience in mind. We understand you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and style for capability. Our vehicles offer luxurious cabins and interiors with unparalleled traveling, sleeping and living spaces. With our vehicles, the journey is as much a part of the adventure as the destination. 

Reliably and Safe

At maltec we believe your vehicle should never be the reason you turn back. We know the reliability and safety of a vehicle is central to every successful overlanding adventure so we design each maltexplorer vehicle to the highest performance and safety standards and constantly put our vehicles to the test. We also design our vehicles with long range capabilities, including special chassis designs, extra fuel tanks and water reservoirs so they can go as far as your dreams will take you. They are the perfect vehicles for the modern explorer who wants safe, convenient and familiar overnighting. 


Our team is made up of master mechanics and automotive specialists

Philipp Uthoff 

master mechanic / interior

Frank Effenberger 

master mechanic / vehicle technician

Nils Hollenbeck 

mechanic / interior

Roman Lytvin 

mechanic / welding aluminium fab.

Raffael Krugly 

mechanic / vehicle technician

Gerd Ückerd 

mechanic / vehicle technician

Björn Rhuland 

master mechanic/vehicle technician

David Eden

mechanic/vehicle technician

Dietmar Stanke 

project logistics

Claudia Schiffer 


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  1. Maltec was founded. Together with one mechanic the first maltexplorer came to life.

  2. Maltexplorer extended their vehicle platforms to the 100 series Land Cruisers. 

  3. The first Hilux conversion…  … many more to come.

  4. First Land Rover Defender was turned into a mdx.

  5. Maltec started to convert Mercedes G-wagon and extended the business to Russia and Mongolia

  6. The first malt explorer custom made vehicles were delivered…  …bigger cabins, portal axles, engine conversions…  …sky is the limit

  7. Launch of the Maltec Racing Team

  8. After years of development the first pathenger was delivered. Till today probably our most successful maltexplorer 

  9. Maltec denvelopes carbon fiber pop up roofs for Defender and Land Cruiser models.

  10. Maltec moves to new facilitys. 3000 qm of production area.  

  11. Maltec vintage started… …not only 4×4’s. 

  12. Maltec starts extending to north America and ships the first trucks to us east coast.  

  13. The Maltec HZJ 79 rr is produced an successfully raced in the north African Sahara.

  14. The Malteeplorer x-class…  …our latest conversion.

Our Maltexplorer Conversions combine highly optimized Off-Road and overland features with luxury interiors.  Maltexplorer Conversions are sleek, compact and cool, with lightweight carbon fibre sleeping cabins that come custom-made or ready to sell.   Our vehicles offer ultimate Off-Road drivability and reliability allowing drivers to access destinations usually not reachable with other campers. They are the perfect vehicles for the modern explorer that also seeks safe, convenient and familiar overnight stays. Maltexplorers aim to fill the gap between a fully loaded RV which is not driveable in certain areas and the highest end Off-Road ability

At some point in most vehicle producers career they can no longer resist the call to apply their knowledge and experience in the most challenging auto segment: the world of Racing.  As a motor sport competitor and a vehicle manufacturer it was a natural step for Maltec to enter the world of endurance racing vehicle engineering and production.  If you are interested in being part of this  world please contact us and take advantage of our experience:

If you have always dreamt of a restored and optimized 4×4 truck . Link to “Maltec Vintage Vehicles”